In Kihniö, you can choose from a wide variety of cabins next to a body of water, surrounded by the peaceful nature. Find your perfect cabin here!

Nuorisoseuran kirppis


044 350 5806

Kihniöntie 83, 39820 Kihniö



An enjoyable cabin in a quiet and peaceful area of natural beauty close to the center of Kihniö.

040 357 1627

Visit Kihniö Jytilän vuokramökit

Jytilän vuokramökit

The fully equipped Villa Ester and Villa Valfrid are located on the shore of Lake Korhosjärvi in an area of natural beauty in Kihniö.

050 589 1389


Korhosen lomamökit

The Nieminokka and Niemiranta holiday cabins are located on the shore of Lake Korhosjärvi, surrounded by peaceful nature.

044 525 1134

Visit Kihniö Pyhäniemi mökit

Pyhäniemi Holiday Cabins

55 fantastically renovated log cabins in Pyhäniemi, surrounded by the magnificent landscape of Lake Kankarinjärvi.

03 444 0206

Visit Kihniö Villa Honkala

Villa Honkala

A well-equipped high-quality villa for 12 people featuring full amenities surrounded by the beautiful landscape in Myllyjoki.

040 1991 033

Visit Kihniö Villa Justiina

Villa Markkola

Villa Hermanni and Villa Justiina are spacious and fully equipped log villas, which are located on the shore of Lake Kankarinjärvi surrounded by a peaceful and quiet milieu.

 040 775 4889